New Music: The Bakassi Pack – Mxna x Jvbal


The Bakassi Pack is a two-track collaborative release by Mxna and Jvbal. They feed off each other’s energies to create the most cultural and innovative underground project to have dropped this year.

This is hip hop from home, for home, that is witty, catchy, and relatable. The Missing Piece? The project opens with Derico, a song that conveniently announces itself as a hit record. It takes all the elements of a proper hip-hop song and adds that Nigerian spice to it.

Mxna takes us on a journey on the second track, Odeshi is nothing short of magic. The flow in the beginning calls attention to the lyrics, and calms the listener before a sinister chorus sneaks up on them in the form of “If body no dey nor put body.”

The project is a slap to the face of the notorious saying that “Naija Hip Hop is dead.” This is Nigerian hip-hop at its finest.

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