Omosefe Joseph Aisosa, popularly known as Aiseh returns with a fresh tune he aptly named Tired. 

“Relatable” is the common word Aiseh‘s audience use to describe his music. On Tired, he didn’t fail to deliver the same depth, honesty, and relatability he is known for. 

Dolapo Amusat of Wetalksounds calls Tired, “A feel-Good song with Sweet production and engaging storytelling, which is very relatable and honest.” 

Lawon of Rhyme & Reason® says Tired is “That group counselling / family therapy session where you finally open up without filter and malice. Just raw, crude, vulnerability.” 

The emcee dedicates Tired to every dreamer whose dreams don’t match their present reality. But instead of folding their arms and Living in a dream, they wake up every day and put in work. They do this in hopes that they will one day, they will live their dreams.

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