Using lyrics and melody to express his reality, emotions and dreams. The Lyricist and singer Whitee a citizen of the ancient Benin kingdom. Born Aideyan Favour Joshua, in Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria.

He began playing the drums at age 6 when he got interested in the church choir. Finding fun with the guitar rhythm and rhymes as a child, he has gone on to chase a name as a rapper, singer, record producer and visual artist. 

Dropping mixtapes like Mary, On My Level, Ebami, Heatblast and others, Whitee has expressed versatility using his African origin as a medium to touch across genres. “I seek to paint a bigger picture to the world. I handle the mic like a brush.” In his words laying line after line with confident strokes is the way to tell this story. 

The music scene better watches out!. Nothing is stopping him now!. Whitee comes with a new rap-inspired jam titled Vision 2022 produced by Pytho. He talks about his everyday journey on the path to stardom, and he plans to secure the bag just like we all want to, but with so much energy!

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