A quick detour from the creation and completion of his highly anticipated debut album; Uber-talented singer/songwriter Jake Doe puts together a brilliant six-pack EP cheekily titled – Yours Unfaithfully.

Originally scheduled for release in the latter part of 2022, Yours Unfaithfully is a carefully crafted painting of Love from the standpoint of a young man in the Lagos dating scene.

From tales of ghosting & gaslighting on the EMK THE GENIE produced Eclipse Of The Son, unsuccessful attempts at internet dating on Change Am, down to dream chasing and stalking on WYD and the Le Mav-assisted Pity respectively. Perhaps the highlight of these well-structured stories is the Alvin Ryze AfroR&B Masterclass on Philomena – a detailed encounter of unrequited love with a sex worker.

Yours Unfaithfully stands out as Jake Doe’s best work yet as it boasts quality production from Canadian producer; Alvin Ryze, Nigeria’s finest; Le Mav, EMK THE GENIE and Givens. Mastered and engineered by Sigag Lauren.

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