Music Video: Angel In The Marble – Stormzy


Stormzy, also named Michael Omari, has dropped the visuals for his latest freestyle titled Angel In The Marble. The video features clips of celebrities and friends who attended his 30th birthday party, named the Mike Gala. The song is a celebration of friendship, community, and love, and it is clear that Stormzy is in a good place in his life.

The video starts with Stormzy rapping in front of a crowd of people at his birthday party. His friends and family surround him, and he looks to be having a great time. The video then cuts to clips of Stormzy with various celebrities, including Louis Theroux, Alison Hammond, and Skepta. The celebrities all look to be having a good time as well, and they are clearly supportive of Stormzy.

The video culminates with Stormzy rapping on top of a car while the crowd cheers him on. He is clearly enjoying himself, and he is spreading a message of positivity and love. The song is a reminder that even though life can be tough sometimes, it is important to celebrate the good times with the people you love.

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