Loudbase & Rap Radio Africa in association and partnership with Destinee’ Eploriums and Art Nation launches one of our major, lined-up milestones amongst all our amazing projects.

It is called The Hip-hop Club & Hip-hop Academy. This is a community development initiative that takes a huge step in the directional journey of using Hip Hop as a tool for community development such as our annual Hip-hop Symposium 2020 and 2021 where we partnered with Alliance Francaise and Rap Radio Africa alongside collaborations from End of the weak MC challenge, Keep-on-Breaking; a Nigerian Breaking Community; Top 8 street dance battle, Dement Dance and supported by Keex Footwear.

The Hip-hop Club and Academy is made up of renowned Hip Hop artistes, qualified educators and Hip Hop culture advocates who will train and mentor the youth, support artistic expression whose vision is to serve our local communities as a Hip-hop culture resource for youth development.

The launch of the Hip-hop Club & Hip-hop Academy kicks off January 15th, 2022 at 6, Modupe Johnson Street, off Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. There are several benefits of enrolling in The Hip-hop Academy because we shall offer;

  • DJing/Music Production courses.
  • How-To-Rap courses.
  • Grafitti Art courses.
  • A&R (Artiste and Repertoire) Management courses.

These we believe will empower the youth to secure their future and also a way to keep our communities safe, aiding in sharpening mind skills, enabling teamwork skills, providing networking opportunities, curriculum vitae/resume enhancement, building a reliable support system and creating uniqueness in our communities.

The launch is hosted by the founder/curator of Rap Radio Africa, Bionic Mbah and will attract guest speakers who will steer real-time discussions;

  • Mr. Smith; Open Interaction on the preservation of Hip Hop Culture)
  • Donald G. Mbaka; Empowering the Youth through Hip-hop Culture: Africa’s Hip-hop & our NFTs
  • Chamberlin Ukenedo; Empowering the Youth through Hip-hop Culture: Social Change & as a Career.
  • Midas Nonso; Hip-hop in the Gen Z era as it concerns New Media activations.

Loudbase was created in Nigeria in 2018 with the aim of promoting African platforms that promote urban cultures. In 2019, Loudbase became actively involved in networking Hip-hop professionals around the world to help create focus in Africa and implement content that is viable and beneficial to the continent’s scene. The main objective is to give young practitioners of Africa’s Hip-hop a sense of accomplishment, inspiration, motivation and allow them professionalization opportunities.

Through our activities, we have provided professional tutors in Africa and in the diaspora to encourage breakdance and music exchanges through workshops and competitions. Also created a Hip-hop conference to bring together and exchange ideas among the Hip-hop community in Africa.

The goal is to sustain the positive development of Hip Hop culture in Africa by encouraging and empowering young practitioners of the culture as well as new converts of the culture. It also seeks to commit African Hip-hop practitioners to value the home-based platforms that promote their art. In 2019, we became actively involved in engaging and connecting professional Hip Hop practitioners around the world to help create a focus in Africa and implement viable and beneficial content within and from outside Africa. The main purpose is to give young African Hip-hop practitioners a good sense of achievement, inspiration and motivation and to create opportunities for them to build successful careers and long-term skills. Finally, through Hip-hop, we intend to make a better society, one youth at a time.

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