Pharaoh the 47 Street Ctrl Tour: Spreading Hip Hop Magic


Pharaoh the 47, the enigmatic Afro-fusion maestro, is on a mission to ignite the Hip Hop scene in Northern Nigeria with his Street Ctrl Tour. Born as Timothy Lass, he has soared to new heights since his debut in 2021 with “High Breed” and the acclaimed “Top Boy” in 2022. Now, he takes center stage in a blazing 3-city tour, captivating audiences with his unique sound.

Together with the Bauchi-bred rapper B.O.C. Madaki and a lineup of talented Northern mavericks including Pablo, King VI, Nicole, Clowdy, Wonder Dougg, Krisskillz, Toqwase, and more, Pharaoh the 47 creates an intimate yet grand spectacle. From mesmerizing mosh pits to real-time crowd interaction, his stage presence is undeniable. Fans are treated to a sneak peek of his upcoming album, “Product of My Environment,” with a litany of hits.

Rap music outside Lagos has faced an uphill battle to gain mainstream appeal in Nigeria, but Pharaoh the 47 and his Northern compatriots are changing the game. They infuse their music with influences from UK Grime, Drill, US Melodic Rap, and Afrobeats, ushering in a new era of sound and style.

Pharaoh the 47 envisions taking his music beyond Northern Nigeria, captivating audiences across the country. Stay tuned for the much-anticipated release of “Product of My Environment” later this year. Brace yourself for Pharaoh the 47’s extraordinary journey, where the magic of Street Ctrl Tour unfolds.

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