PsychoYP’s EP, Osapa London, is 8 genres-in-one – Album Review


Nigerian music prodigy PsychoYP has excited fans with the release of his highly anticipated EP, titled Osapa London. The mesmerizing collection of eight tracks represents the artist’s incredible talent.

PsychoYP‘s Osapa London is a tour de force of musical mastery, blending genres. The EP showcases his exceptional ability to fuse elements of hip-hop, Afrobeats, and trap seamlessly.

Osapa London features collaborations with acclaimed artists such as Odumodublvck, Khaid, King Perryy, and Ajebo Hustlers, among others, further elevating the EP’s sonic landscape. The guest appearances add depth and diversity to the project, demonstrating PsychoYP‘s ability to collaborate and create musical chemistry seamlessly.

PsychoYP delves into personal experiences in Osapa London, brave enough to include soundscapes uncharacteristic of hip-hop artists and find spaces to fit into these sounds. While he explores the many faces his sound can take in this extended play, YP doesn’t lose his personality or his harmony.

Here’s what I thought about the tracks on the first listen.

First, I would like to thank PsychoYP for introducing himself to us in the first track. THIS COUNTRY immediately sets the scene and environment where this project finds itself. And like any first track of an Extended Play, it belies the insane genius we will encounter.

DO WHAT I LIKE carries a lot of electronic and futuristic elements in its instrumental. It is full of the youthful energy that one expects from younger rappers. This track is dynamic enough to accommodate the three styles of Khaid and Prettyboy D-O, each rapper holding their own like a row of trees breaking the wind.

NOT MY FAULT is simply an Afrobeat song—and perhaps the best track on the project. It features Ajebo Hustlers, who are hardening into pillars of the afro-scene. What does PsychoYP do here? Oh my! He does more than deliver. Seamlessly blending into the afrobeat sound like he was born to do it. The collaboration with Ajebo Hustlers would have you dancing immediately. Who are you not to Dance?

Maybe it is just me, but I found YP ‘settling’ us more than Odumodublvck settled us on SETTLE US! This is a lively beat, containing some elements of afrobeat, but it doesn’t feel like Odumodublvck gave us a lot to work with. Perhaps he stepped back to let PsychoYP shine. Or maybe the young rapper’s light was too blinding to compete with. It is a track that should shake the dancefloor.

Everyone should stop here and STAND ATTENTION as YP kicks off one of the most soulful tracks on the EP. I will admit that the songwriting here is not too strong as he tries to tackle an emotional theme, but this is something he can work on. It doesn’t take anything away from the track’s mood, though.

BAD B takes on the flavour of grime/drill rap. Oh, how easy it is for PsychoYP to switch his personality here to give us his version of the drill.

MOST TIMES feels more like a rest stop after so much stimulation. Those who have missed Ice Prince get a taste of that cold flow that dominated the airwaves in the early 2010s. I think Ice Prince could have done more.

Would it be a Nigerian album if there’s nothing from South Western Nigeria? Laime picks AnyGaddamnTime up from the start, warming up the saxophone and juju instrumentals before PsychoYP coasts through with the smoothest flow on this project. It was goosebumps material for me.

PsychoYP has elevated his artistry with this Extended Play. By delving into these genres, subgenres and fusions, he has proven without a doubt that he is the genius we all imagined him to be and more. This is my first listen to his songs, and I am impressed with what I have heard so far. This project results from talent that is hard-working, reading, learning and expanding. PsychoYP‘s Osapa London is enough proof that Nigerian Hip-hop is just as alive as ever.

If you haven’t, give this Extended Play a listen. Tell us your favourite track and why you like it.

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