el3ment (Use Code: 245690), a new social network for independent artistes to connect and collaborate with other music creators around the globe. The firm’s focus is the facilitation of international collaborations, and at this time, it is a very welcomed idea. It has the potential to open up new markets for independent artistes.

How does it work?

el3ment works like a dating app whose core is customer satisfaction. It comes with in-chat translation to break language barriers between artistes of different ethnicity that would like to collaborate with each other.

Users can search for artistes using location with other filters; genre, artiste type (producer, DJ, composer), instrument played, in order to streamline their search to find their perfect match.

The app shows artistes that match the searched criteria on a map, and the tapped avatar reveals the selected artiste’s profile, similar to a mini EPK; bio, three music samples, and links to their discography.

Top artistes are automatically shown first – entails hitting certain goals, frequently establishing connections on the app, a completed profile, etc. Once the user has found their match, they send a connection request to begin a conversation.

Opportunities el3ment Could Open Up

The opportunities the app would be creating for indie artistes by collaborating with artistes and songwriters from emerging streaming markets (Nigeria, India, Philippines, etc.) include organically growing an audience outside of their local market before breaking into their home market.

This route may seem non-traditional but it is very useful as artistes can work with different types of artistes and genres in just one country and ultimately, their streaming numbers. This connection can also be made by collaborating with artistes and songwriters in major markets (USA, Europe, etc).

This is what el3ment is offering and looks forward to delivering on its platform.

The Future of el3ment

The app is currently free to use, with plans to introduce premium features in the future. The el3ment team hopes to create a professional networking platform for artistes, discovering producers, composers, songwriters, tagging all collaborators, and lots more.

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