In what seems like an overdose of creative juice from her previous movie Omo Ghetto: The saga, Funke Akindele thrills us with another film – Battle on Buka Street, which premiered in the cinemas on December 16, 2022.

Akindele‘s Battle on Buka Street beams on a polygamous family with an age-long conflict between the first two wives of Maduka (Nkem Owoh), Ezinne (Tina Mba) and Iya Yejide (Sola Sobowale). The movie tells a tale of a traditional family riding on the wheel of chaos. It depicts the passage of an age-long conflict between the wives passed down to their daughters, Awele (Mercy Johnson) and Yejide (Funke Akindele). 

Awele and Yejide become food bukateria business rivals in the Otanwa community, where they battle for prominence on Buka Street, a popular mama-put joint in Otanwa community. The depiction of Battle in this movie is about ‘who cooks better and strategies to gain more customers.’ The business rivalry ended when Awele’s business burned down after an explosion caused by Yejide’s daughter.

The sudden appearance of Yejide’s husband, Lashile (Femi Jacobs), who escaped prison with other inmates, triggered a series of events that ended with Awele forgiving Yejide for burning down her bukateria.

The movie also touches on other social ills like domestic violence and family feud. Although, the screen time showcases several chaotic scenes that could’ve been more mellow, less dramatic or chaotic screen time.

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