One of PH’s finest, Murz, writes a letter to his fans in From Me To You. The four-track project touches on the different sides of his love, lust, and relationship life.

G(angster) Love is his way of telling his admirers not to fall for him as he stays true to his love to music; the only longterm relationship he is committed to at the moment, and any other commitment (to love) will be a false hope.

Love And Affection flips the script on HOW he expresses his love to his lover. Regardless of her past experiences and relationship PTSD, he is determined to love and worship her like the goddess she is.He is determined to love her so hard it is obvious that her exes missed out on her.

Prisoner addresses why he is the man he is today. He delves into his roots, Port Harcourt, and how his personal experiences, lessons and interpretations of the Soot City’s social environment birthed the Murz we now know. Not leaving out the fact that regardless of his current and future exposure, he will still be a Prisoner of the influence his roots have on me. You can take the man out of the Soot, but not the Soot out of the man.

Ruff Play is the explicit part of his letter. A bit too detailed to be reviewed as he speaks for himself about his experience in the Ruff ‘N’ Tumble moments.

From Me To You also shows the versatile side of Murz as he blends cutlass music with soul thus creating a unique sound that could very well be his own path to exploit through out his career, or may just simply be a phase.

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