Lord Vino returns to the music scene with an EP four years after his first project in 2017, Upper Echelon. Soft Boy is yet another luxury & lavish lifestyle, braggadocio and affluence fuelled lyric project from the rapper. He tells a story of the life we all wish to live if we are only willing to put in the work.

The album opens with a song that talks about his delivery skill, while he goes ahead to flaunt said skill for over 3 minutes. His flow is immaculate as his vocals continued to bounce on the beat at the proper pace, thus giving him the perfect timing. According to D.H.L Flows, Lord V isn’t bothered about being the best rapper, but Lord knows delivery is his realm. He did reign supreme over it and the full-time rappers.

David Beckham is that jam that most rappers over here keep trying to take a shot at, and only get to make it work with their musical visuals. Lord V on the other hand did a great work by painting a vivid picture of the lavish and luxurious lifestyle. He had bars hidden on this track, hook included. From the get-go, he kept applying the right amount of pressure on his pen to keep his ink flooding our lungs with flex-education.

He set himself aside when it comes to bragging on this track. Not only by the lyrics and bars, but his countenance and vocal presence make you believe he is really David Beckham. I believe he is on a track with Rick Ross or Jay-Z on a track, he would hold his own and do it effortlessly. A well-put-together song that on the second verse, he again leaves a word or two for rappers who claim the throne and yet haven’t even started paying their dues, but because of a successful single or feature, they believe they are the shit. To them, he salutes from afar.

Yung L softens the song with his vocals on First Things First, making it a song for the ladies dem in love. It is a love song that encourages the pampering of your better half just for the sake of showing appreciation for the love and commitment given to you. The soothing Afro R&B beat that keeps chiming in the background also sets a mood for the other room. It is definitely a track a lot of fellas will play for their woman/women.

I.Y.K.Y.K, another song with a hook (by Zirra) that softens it. Lord Vino let loose on this track with his delivery on the forefront again. The line with the devil, lucifer, heavenly, and the continuous non-stop flows to the end of the verse keeps it hard for consumers. Naeto C is most likely a homage to a rapper that heavily influenced his rap style and music. Naeto C was also a rapper that dishes out luxury and braggadocio lyrics on his songs in his time. Only that Lord Vino is more Naeto C than Naeto C on Naeto C (2 MSc.). The beat and its bounce definitely remind us about Naeto C in his day.

Suya & Wine is definitely a club banger to blow off steam after a hard week’s grind. He infuses his native tongue into the verses with ease and gives enough space in the verses so as to get the perfect timing between his vocals and the beat. Y’aanstan, another (club) song that reminds one of Naeto C. The use of percussion is very similar to Naeto C’s. He touches on haters who were docile while he toiled and now hate on his harvest. The song is full of bars and advises legal hustlers to keep planting their seeds for they shall reap if they persevere.

This EP is complete and it seems faultless, except for the fact that little details such as featured artistes names and song lyrics are missing on the streaming platforms. Also, he reminded us about his 2 MScs and kept introducing himself on almost every track. Probably something to do with our amnesia.

He keeps it clean by not condemning or looking down on his colleagues (other rappers) while saluting the real ones and hard workers out there. This is what sets him aside from other rappers that try to give or deliver a braggadocio song.

The project has two club/balling songs, one love song, and 2 stunting (on ’em guys) songs. It will definitely enjoy a full listen every time it is played and will be most enjoyable in your convertible as you slowly cruise on the highways of Abuja (traffic will kill you in Lagos).

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