After 3 years, we finally got the sequel to a movie that impressed a lot of us with its plot twists, casting, and an all-around excellent production altogether. King Of Boys part 1 was so good, it had many of us glued to our screens for almost 3 long hours. This was not a feat that most Nollywood movies could boast of and to-be-honest, I was surprised and impressed that Kemi Adetiba pulled that off. 

I was one of those that kept counting down to the sequel. I was excited about it until she made an announcement a few weeks ago that part two will be coming out as a miniseries. That was when I lost all excitement. I concluded in my mind that was an oversabi move and as such, ruin the legacy of the first part. 

Finally, Part 2 came out exclusively on Netflix. With my depleted excitement, zero anticipation for greatness, and not so open-mindedness, I picked up my remote and started the series. 

Was I right to be less enthusiastic about it? Should I have given the movie a chance before ruling it out in my mind? 


I wasn’t even done with the first episode before I realized that I was wrong. In just the first episode, I shed a tear or two, I jumped for joy, I screamed. All these in just one episode.  

The excitement came rushing like adrenaline. 

Yes! The King is back. 

Spoiler alert (Look away from this paragraph if you haven’t seen it yet) 

I binge-watched the entire 7 episodes because I couldn’t just stop. The seamless flow of the storyline, the incessant excitement-filled scenes; for example, the scene where Makhanaki (Character portrayed by Rapper; Reminisce) was reintroduced into the movie after we all believed he died in the first part of the movie. He acted so well in Part 1 and we all wanted him to appear in the second part so bad.

Thankfully, he was brought back, and boy did he impress us again with top-notch acting! 

Every actor in this movie bodied their roles excellently well but I am most impressed by the two hip-hop rappers; iLLBLISS who portrayed the character of a young successful Igbo mafia. Reminisce, likewise portrayed the role of a Yoruba gangster. No wonder they call him the Original Gangster. 

All in all, I was pretty much impressed with this project. More impressed than I was with the prequel and trust me, that bar is high. I would discuss more on what happened in the movie but we don’t want me to spoil the entire movie, do we? It will be a crime against humanity to spoil such a magnificent cinematic masterpiece (as far as Nollywood is concerned. Hehe). If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I recommend you do. 

I’ll rate it 8/10 (10/10 Nollywood standard). 

What will you rate it? 

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