One of the highlights of 2020 for hip-hop was the #MonsterVerse challenge, organised by 100 Crowns and Chocolate City in collaboration with Monster Energy drink. It made for what is one of the biggest showcases for rap acts across the country. Despite the somewhat anticlimactic end to the affair, it was definitely a massive cultural moment in hip-hop.

One of the revelations of the challenge was Chronick, whose skill as a wicked wordsmith propelled him into the top eight acts. It turns out he didn’t go to sleep after the challenge as he teamed up with producer Charlemagn3 for the five-track EP, Stranger Than Fiction. Released in April 2021.

While not being a concept project, there’s definitely a theme to the EP. Chronick references SO MUCH fictional material throughout the project, specifically sci-fi works. If there’s one thing that’s made clear, Chronick is very well-read (won’t be entirely wrong to call him a nerd either). He also tells creative tales of dystopian futures, time travel, encounters with popular figures, all with very crisp imagery.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this EP is spectacular for what it is. Five tracks of Chronick absolutely going off over fantastic production. It’s a complete bar-fest on this project. His rapping is relentless and in your face, and the bars just keep coming. Charlemagn3 does a wonderful job in creating a fitting backdrop with beats that create a certain feeling of ominousness that works well with Chronick‘s dark, otherworldly style.

The skits on this project also work perfectly. Not only do they stick to the sci-fi theme, but they also add some much-appreciated humour and an extra layer of creativity.

From a technical standpoint, this EP has the best rapping done on any rap project in 2021. It is very niche, of course, both stylistically and thematically – which may be to its detriment. But for the listeners who thirst for the “hardcore” stuff, Stranger Than Fiction more than satisfies that thirst.

Fav Song: Cyberpunk
Fav Instrumental: End of Daze

Did you enjoy the project? Add it to your preferred library.

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