Sauver Consult Merge Rhyme & Reason® and Nigerian Barz Association


Sauver Consult, a leading media and consulting firm, announced today that it has acquired Rhyme & Reason® and Nigerian Barz Association, two of the most influential platforms in the African hip-hop scene. The acquisition will create a powerhouse of hip-hop media and culture, reaching millions of fans across the continent and beyond.

Rhyme & Reason® is a media company that documents all aspects of the African hip-hop culture and lifestyle, from music, art, fashion, and education. Nigerian Barz Association is a platform that expounds on the power and the art of lyricism in hip-hop from Nigeria, showcasing the best talents and skills in the industry.

The two platforms will continue to operate under their respective brands but will benefit from the resources and expertise of Sauver Consult. The merger will also enable them to collaborate on new projects and initiatives that will further promote and celebrate the African hip-hop community.

Lawon Shodunke, the Managing Editor of Rhyme & Reason®, now Managing Partner of Sauver Consult, said upon the acquisition, “This merger makes us the largest and fastest growing organic hip-hop media platform in Nigeria. We have an audience across demographies that hip-hop creators and businesses can speak to directly. An audience with the love of hip-hop culture through one or more elements, as a common denominator.”

Olumide Akinniyi, the Managing Director of Nigerian Barz Association and Managing Partner of Sauver Consult, said, “It is only about time. The serious work now starts in building a hip-hop community founded on the principles and ethics of a sustainable community without self-destructive traits.”

With the acquisition of Rhyme & Reason® and the Nigerian Barz Association, Sauver Consult aims to become a leader in the African hip-hop media and culture space with the #LongerTables mentality.

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