Hip-Hop Pioneer Slikour Reflects His Journey to Success in New Book


Siya Metane, popularly known as Slikour, has released a book titled Slikour: The Life Story Of A Hip Hop Pioneer, in which he reflects on his journey to success. Slikour, a veteran rapper and media personality, took to Instagram to share the news of his book release with fans. In his book, he shares his story of overcoming childhood struggles, joining Skwatta Kamp, and becoming a household name in the Mzansi entertainment industry.

Slikour’s book delves into the many hurdles he faced on his path to success and how he overcame them. He also touches on the importance of giving others a chance. How one small energy, in his case himself, can trigger a movement in culture. He invites fans to read his book and learn how he was able to transfer good fortune in good faith. And ultimately multiply his fortune.

Slikour has been enjoying the release of Skwatta Kamp’s last album, SVN. Although the album marked the end of Skwatta Kamp, the group’s contribution to South African hip-hop will always be cherished. With the release of his book, Slikour opens a new chapter in his life and invites readers to join him on this journey. Fans can check the link to order the book.

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