Spotify for Artists in a new video talks about artificial streaming and possible consequences for artists using these services; ranges from withholding the royalties of the artificial streams, to remove the song from its servers.

“When we detect artificial streams, we may do things like withholding royalties and correct streaming numbers and chart positions. It may even result in your music being removed from Spotify… Third-party services that promise crazy streams are too good to be true.”

Spotify says it believes in creating a level playing field for all artists. Rather than buying artificial streams, you should reinvest in making promotional videos or music videos that grow your fanbase, which then filters into an increase in your stream numbers.

In the video, the DSP giant also gave tips on knowing if the marketing firm you paid for promotion is using streams from bots, rather than humans. Random spikes in streaming numbers from a city you have no reach in is usually an indication.

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