Spotify has entered the hardware market with the launch of its first product and smart device for cars, Car Thing, on April 13th, 2021.

The music streaming service provider created a waiting list for select US users, and the device will be acquired at no cost. They only pay a $6.99 charge for postage. The device is expected to retail at $79.99 when it is finally available to everyone.

The device is a 4″ touchscreen. It has a dial to browse, select, play and pause music or podcasts. It also has 4 preset buttons you can set as shortcuts to your favourite artists, stations, podcasts, and playlists.

The Car Thing has voice control that works only with a Spotify Premium account. You can search for your favourite content, podcast, stations, and artistes after saying “Hey Spotify”. It connects to your car stereo via BlueTooth, USB or AUX cable, and also connects to the Spotify app on your phone.

According to Spotify on the microphone of car thing:”noise suppression capabilities helps tune out sounds from the road in order to focus on your voice”

Car Thing is built with a sturdy unibody design for durability, and its matte-textured rubber details make it easy to navigate. Car Thing is the smart player from Spotify that fills your car with music, news, entertainment, talk, and more”.”

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