Spotify Removes Thousands of AI-Generated Songs


Spotify has removed tens of thousands of songs created using artificial intelligence (AI) from its platform. The songs were removed for “artificial streaming,” a tactic that uses online bots to boost the audience numbers for particular songs.

The removal of the AI-generated songs comes amid growing concerns about the use of AI in the music industry. Some artists and industry executives have expressed concerns that AI could be used to create counterfeit music, or to manipulate the music charts.

Spotify is not the only streaming platform that has taken action against AI-generated music. In March, Apple Music removed a number of AI-generated songs from its platform. And in February, YouTube removed a number of AI-generated music videos.

The removal of AI-generated music from streaming platforms is a sign that the music industry is taking steps to address the concerns about the use of AI in music. It remains to be seen how the music industry will ultimately regulate the use of AI in music.

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