Tapcart, the mobile app commerce platform for Shopify‘s fastest-growing brands, today announced the launch of Custom Blocks, a new low-code product that allows merchants and developers to design, build and customise their mobile apps. This new low-code addition will serve more complex enterprise merchants and partners to extend the base functionality Tapcart offers on its out-of-the-box platform.

Custom Blocks uses basic web principles like HTML, CSS, and Javascript to deliver a low-code option for merchants to expand the look, feel, and functionality of their mobile storefront. For example, merchants can use Custom Blocks to add shopper personalisation, product bundles, custom-designed experiences, or any other API or custom functionality they can dream up to boost retention and sales. Custom Blocks can be deployed and edited in real-time to give marketers and developers full control of their mobile app’s feature set.

“We continue to listen and invest in products that support Enterprise brands who are more focused than ever on standing out and optimising their channels. Shoppers seek out brands who offer quality products and wonderful experiences,” said Eric Netsch, founder and CEO of Tapcart.

“Our new low-code products, combined with our best-in-class CMS, will allow e-commerce teams to be nimble and creative on how they convert and retain their customers this year. We want merchants to dream big and choose what mobile app features they know will excite their customers. We also aim to empower merchants to integrate their stack of tools and APIs they need to run their businesses. Our platform is now open to developers to make commerce happen in ways we never imagined.”

During the last three months of the Custom Blocks Beta, over 120 merchants in different industries have built impactful features for their apps. LSKD, for example, boosted conversions on its homepage by offering a customised content carousel, allowing customers to add products to the cart with a single tap.

“We’ve been live on Tapcart for two years now, and it’s been game-changing for building a strong community. Our marketing team has stretched the platform to the limits and is always looking for ways to keep our mobile app the main hub for our brand,” said James Reu, eCommerce Manager of LSKD.

“Now, with the ability to write custom code in our app, our marketing team is able to build an entire roadmap focused on features that engage and retain our customers. Tapcart’s focus on flexibility here is exciting, and we see this as a major driver toward our growth this year.”

Merchants can also tap into e-commerce development agencies, technology partners, and Shopify app builders to explore how they can bring solutions into a mobile experience. For example, prominent customer service platform and Tapcart Tech Partner Gorgias has built a Tapcart-optimised customer service integration that allows customers to get merchant chat support in-app using Custom Blocks.

Gorgias‘ customers, much like Tapcart‘s, share a passion for delivering a best-in-class customer experience,” said Michaela Deneva, Senior Partner Enablement Manager. “With Tapcart‘s Custom Blocks, we could easily get our integration built and deployed to our shared customers, which will help transform the e-commerce customer experience in the mobile app.”

Other Shopify development agencies have also begun to help their merchants build new experiences. “Custom Blocks allow us a vast ability to customise our clients’ apps. We’ve been pleased with how scalable the functionality is and the simplicity of the feature. We’re eager to increase value for our shared customers,” wrote Sanjay Ghataode, the CEO of Seed CMS.

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