Starting out a music production and music career can be financially overwhelming, and like in finance, a bit of advise can save you time and money on your way to becoming an elite producer or A-List rapper.

In this article, we’ve put together 5 pocket-friendly and quality audio interfaces you can choose to begin your producer or emcee journey.

Audient EVO 8

Audient, is well-known for its high-quality, intuitive audio interfaces. EVO 8, although small, it has amazing versatility.  You get four inputs with high-performance mic preamps and four outputs, and a host of other smart features to help streamline your set-ups.

EVO 8’s Smartgain automatically sets the gain levels when it picks up the signal from your sources, while two smart touchpoints grant control over speakers, headphones, and channels with one volume encoder. The USB-C compliant interface also has SmartMuting; automatically mutes your speakers when connecting headphones. Audient’s interface is ideal for home producers and content creators looking for a bit more flexibility. 

You can also check out EVO 4.

PreSonus Studio 24c

The PreSonus Studio 24c is an interface that seems to be a jack of all trades; it records and supports productions that concern speech and music. Most top-notch audio interfaces are usually specific to a particular musical discipline; guitarist or drummers.

This interface is a great bargain, as it comes with the Universal Control software, which allows a virtual self ‘loop back’ on the interface. This gives flexibility to route audio between different applications without cables, thus making it a great choice for musicians and streamers.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Gen3

Focusrite is one of the best known brands in the audio interface industry. Intermediate and pro producers usually settle for Scarlett’s high-end interfaces. Having a highly regarded preamp at this price range makes the Focusrite interface a steal for beginners.

The Scarlett Solo does a stellar job of diluting the appeal of its bigger siblings into something smaller and more affordable; keeping the solid build, sharp looks, and quality pre-amps but trimming the features down to the bare necessities.

Steinberg UR12

The UR12 is a rugged, slightly weighty metal compact 2-in/2-out audio interface, standing out as a durable option for a great price.  It is can be used thoroughly despite the headphone and main outputs use the same volume control, and it also comes with cut down versions of Cubase DAW for PC and macOS.

Behringer U-Phoria UMC22

Most users are fine with the maximum resolution of the UMC 22 (16-bit), which is the audio quality of CD. It doesn’t have its own driver and requires the universal ASIO4ALL (free download) in other to function. Despite these potential deal breakers, this interface is cheap and gets you on your way to starting out a production and/or music career.

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