Boomplay Africa’s Director of artist and media relations,  Tosin Sorinola shared key points of the recently concluded UMG-Boomplay deal. The deal improves the presence of UMG songs in more African countries on the Boomplay streaming platform.

She met with Music In Africa and explained the opportunities the deal will create for African artists

MIA: In recent reports, you suggested that the UMG expansion would afford Boomplay an ‘opportunity to help open up more music to our users and opportunities for artists in the new regions.’ Can you elaborate on these opportunities?

TOSIN: Working with partners such as UMG, who have over the years consistently elevated the international music industry, means that our African artists will now have access to some of the best musical talent such as other artists, producers, sound engineers, and many more. In as much as it enhances UMG’s catalogue in the new markets, it sets a base for the African catalogue to grow through local, regional and international collaborations. It is also a plus for African artists because there is access to a larger market for their music consumption. There is a lot of untapped talent from these markets, and we are very optimistic and intentional about actualising the potential of the continent and building a well-structured ecosystem for the industry.

Deezer, Apple Music, and, more recently, Spotify have all strengthened their services on the continent. Why should musicians and listeners opt for Boomplay as their preferred music streaming platform?

As market leaders, through years of research and data collection, we understand the intricacies of what the market entails, such as artist and user demands, and as such we have a stronger positioning in understanding the scope of the industry and business. Our strength lies in our localised platform, having the largest catalogue of local African music, and enjoying strong partnerships with artists, local and international music labels, and other industry stakeholders. In addition, we have a very competitive pricing structure, while also offering a free tier catalogue available for free download. This means our users have access to music both online and offline. We also have an in-app rewards feature, where users can get rewarded with an array of merchandise, by simply streaming and downloading their favourite music. Additionally, our app features a content production blog called Buzz that showcases the latest news in the entertainment industry. We continuously reiterate our commitment towards supporting the industry to unlock its full potential.

Does Boomplay have additional plans to bolster its presence in the new markets?

Definitely. We have only scratched the surface with the signing of the UMG licensing agreement. Africa is a continent that has immense talent, in addition to a rich cultural heritage. The fusion of this in the creative space brings about content that can transcend generations. In this landmark deal, Boomplay is the ‘African pot’, and our partners are the ingredients. When you add UMG, artists, and other partners, the final product disseminated to our users is of top-notch quality. As a company, we affirm our utmost commitment towards playing a pivotal role in the industry, by offering our users access to more music and supporting more upcoming artists.

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