Tupac Shakur’s Crown Ring Sells for Record-Breaking $1 Million


Tupac Shakur’s crown ring, which he wore at his final public appearance in 1996, has been sold for a record-breaking $1 million at a Sotheby’s auction.

The ring was designed by Shakur himself and is inspired by the crowns of medieval kings. It features a central cabochon ruby and two pavé-cut diamonds. The band is inscribed with the words “Pac & Dada 1996,” a reference to Shakur’s engagement to Quincy Jones’ daughter, Kidada.

The ring was sold to an anonymous bidder who reportedly outbid Drake, who had expressed interest in purchasing it.

The sale of Shakur’s crown ring is a testament to his lasting legacy and influence on hip-hop culture. It is also a reminder of his untimely death, which robbed the world of one of its most talented and creative artists.

The ring is now in the hands of a new owner, but it will continue to be a symbol of Shakur’s legacy for years to come.

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