The hip-hop music community despite its current state, continues to welcome new rappers that are hungry and are willing to express themselves without compromising their craft to soothe the ears of the larger Afropop audience.

Egwu Chimmema Favour also known as Vanfavia is the newest addition to the professional hip-hop scene, and her second single, Daddy Pancake with labelmate Tonee C, did not show signs it was by a rookie femcee.

We caught up with the 23-year-old Biochemist (UniPort) and here’s her JJC


My childhood wasn’t all rosy, mostly in my world. Grew up listening to pop, and I would create scenarios in my head singing and dancing all the time. I also loved turning my feelings into songs whether good or bad, happy or sad, it was so easy for me and I knew there was a thing for me in making music.

Your First Encounter with Hip-Hop

I didn’t love hip-hop or grow up listening to it. I picked up the genre and found myself good at it in the long run in my career, didn’t know I could. 

Let’s say it was a hidden talent. 

Writing Hip-Hop

I’ve always had it me to write my lyrics, the very first time I wrote on a hip-hop beat was on the song “Femcees” in 2017. It felt amazing because I had never written anything like that before, I knew I needed to perfect the genre.

Hip-Hop Head to Femcee

I’ve always been rapping my rhymes and keeping it real ever since I wrote Femcees, my debut and only song out to date.

Some artists who have always inspired my style from my younger age till date are Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Doja cat, Ashnikko, Bia & Rico Nasty.

The first time I rapped my lyrics in front of an audience was in 2021 and I was so nervous, but of course, the crowd loved me. 

Most Underrated Song/Verse

As I mentioned, I’ve only had one song out and it’s neither underrated nor my worst song, I’m just focused on putting out more music hence.

Worst song/verse



I have a couple of projects in the pipeline and I am looking forward to sharing them in no time.

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