If there’s one thing we’ve come to expect from Alhaja Eniola Salami, portrayed by Sola Sobowale, is walking the walk and dressing to kill as seen in the movie prequel.

King of boys: The Return of The King opens up with Eniola Salami wearing an all-white flowing dress and headgear to announce, she’s been cleared of all charges, and expresses her interest to run for Governor of Lagos state. The white could be synonymous with her decision to repent and turn a new leaf. Her next outfit was all black to visit the graves of her children and to show she’s still mourning. This style will be repeated throughout the movie, we see her wearing long stylish dresses and headgear to match.  Her headpieces were so on point I think they deserve a column of their own.

Outfits that stood out

The white and nude trouser combination she wore for her governorship debate. It showed simplicity, class, and ‘ready to wear the pants if push comes to shove.’

The sky blue dress over a flowered sleeveless kimono she wore to meet the Governor’s wife showed she was not afraid to play with colours; the outfit displayed elegance and was giving an ‘I’m not your mother’s mate’ attitude kind of fit.

She’s also seen wearing an oxblood high low dress top and pants mixed with gold details for a strategy meeting with her campaign team. There are a lot of astonishing outfits that are seen throughout the movie and we can see a theme being repeated; regal mob boss, who’s not here to play.

For the most epic scene of the entire series, we see Alhaja Eniola Salami wearing all black with gold trimmings, and if you’ve seen the movie you will know the outfit signifies that she’s ready for war; but why not do it with royalty while at it and to show that they can only be one Oba.

Another character whose outfits we couldn’t get enough of was Jumoke, portrayed by Nse Ikpe Etim, wife of the governor. Her impeccable outfits will give any first lady in the world a run for her money. Her wardrobe was carefully crafted to look elegant, sexy but not inappropriate when necessary, stylish station appropriate, and to show a woman who runs things and never gets ruffled. 

Odubariba, portrayed by Charlie Boy, was another character whose outfits showed how a mob boss is supposed to look; fierce and deadly. We see a lot of jewellery and black outfits, and we know this style is synonymous with the character in real life. Still, the looks were fire. 

Overall, the wardrobe in King of Boys: Return of The King was a 10/10. Attention to detail was top-notch and every outfit was a hit. If there’s something that was done perfectly in the entire movie, it was definitely the wardrobe and the viewers couldn’t get enough of it.

Kudos to the costume team, they deserve all the flowers. We hope to see more of this. 


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