What to Wear on a Date as a Woman


Hello, lovely ladies! Are you gearing up for an exciting date but find yourself in a little dilemma as you are unsure of what to wear? The world of dating can be thrilling, with the pressure to strike that perfect first impression, especially when it is the first date. 

But fret not, for I am here to be your style savior!

In this delightful guide, I shall unveil a treasure trove of outfit inspirations tailored to suit the occasion or setting, ensuring that your date is left utterly mesmerized😉. Not only that, but I’ll also sprinkle in some invaluable pearls of wisdom to navigate this adventure with grace and confidence. 

Now, without further ado, let this adventure commence!

Casual Date

Casual dates are not formal. They have a more relaxed vibe with almost no pressure to be something else. This kind of date is usually best for when you are testing the waters, and you have yet to make any serious commitment. This can happen at a local cafe, a park or a beach. It could also be an evening date at a bar or restaurant.

What to Wear for a Casual Date

For this kind of date, you can go with your comfy pair of jeans. You can pair them with a sleeveless bodysuit, an oversized blazer, and white sneakers. Try to pair your jeans with a puffy-sleeved corset blouse and a strappy heeled sandal. Not your style? Opt for a short pair of jeans and pair it with a white T-shirt you can tie at the waist or a puff-sleeved crop top. 

If you do not want to wear jeans, you can opt for a floral frilly gown or a plain midi dress and pair it with white sneakers or a flat sandal. Another first-date outfit idea is pairing a slip skirt with a cute crop top or a bustier top and finishing it up with white sneakers or lace-up espadrilles. If you are going to be under the sun, you can wear a hat and sunglasses to protect you from the sun. 

Accessorize with dainty earrings, a slim wristwatch, and a structured bag. You will definitely knock off somebody’s son with either of these ensembles.  

Formal Date 

This kind of date has a different ambiance than that of a casual date. It involves elements like dressing up in elegant attire and choosing a classy venue, such as a restaurant that offers fine dining, a theater, a cocktail lounge, or a jazz club. The purpose of a formal date is usually to explore the potential for a romantic relationship or a deeper connection. Here, long-lasting commitments are usually made.

What to Wear for a Formal Date

How about rocking a little black dress with some sleek black pumps?

This is a simple yet elegant and versatile ensemble that can fit into any venue your date will be. You can accessorize a statement necklace or earrings (Note the use of ‘or,’ as you cannot wear both at the same time. Choose your struggle). You can also opt for a midi-fitted gown and layer it with a long jacket, which can be removed during the date, and pair it with heeled sandals and a structured bag. 

If you are not a gown girl, you can try pants, especially wide-leg pants in black, nude, or white. These pants can be stylishly styled with a bodysuit—can be layered with a jacket—a long-sleeved bodycon top, a plain white t-shirt, a one-shoulder top, a puff sleeve blouse, or a corset top. Finish this look with a sleek pump, silk scarf, structured bag, and understated jewelry. 

Skirts are not exempted. You can opt for a mini tweed or cotton skirt. Combine it with a white T-shirt tucked into the skirt. You can also try a maxi skirt and pair it with a fitted blouse, either sleeveless or not. Add dainty earrings, a bracelet, a heeled sandal, and a clutch to amp up either of the look.

If you are too lazy to pair up and down, just go with a gathered-tiered maxi gown. Wear heeled sandals, a piece of statement jewelry, and a clutch, and you are ready to go.

what to wear on a formal first date

A Sprinkling of Date Outfit Wisdom

  • Avoid clothes that are too revealing to the extent they become uncomfortable. Also, revealing clothes might just make you look desperate, which you are not (even if you are, you don’t need the guy to know).
  • If you going to wear makeup, stick to minimalist or nude makeup. This is because you do not know how good the lighting is at the venue of your date. So if the lighting is poor and you go with a face full-on with makeup, it might end up appearing cakey or terrible. You do not want this at all.
  • Avoid wearing clothes that are worn out and ripped, including distressed or ripped jeans. They are not classy or elegant.
  • Your clothes should not be too tight or baggy. They should be well-fitting. 
  • You must smell nice. This is where your hygiene comes into play. So ensure you shower properly, brush your teeth, wash your hair and place it in a neat hair-do, wear neat undergarments, use deodorant or antiperspirant, wear neat outfits, keep your nails trimmed and neat and use a perfume that is not too strong but is subtle and exudes femininity. 
  • Ensure you are on your best behavior. Do not be rude or disrespectful, even if your date is calling for it. One thing you should remember is after appearance, you are judged by the way you speak. So, do not use swear words or profanities—you are a woman, not a sailor. Ensure your speech is refined and polished. Avoid raising your voice (this can be so embarrassing to you and your date). Be polite and courteous. Never forget you are a high-class woman. 
  • Avoid very high heels if you are not comfortable with heels. You can stick to flats or kitten heels for formal dates, and for casual dates, just stick to sneakers or flat sandals. 
  • I understand that you are trying to get the best first impression; however, remember not to lose yourself. Be your authentic self. Be confident. And if your date is a real man, he would see you and appreciate you for who you are. 

Now, go out there and knock some socks off.😉

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