What to Wear on a First Date in Nigeria: Tips For Guys


Maybe it is just me, but there seems to be a lot of wedding bells ringing in Nigeria recently? You cannot tell me you haven’t been to at least three weddings in 2023. I, myself, have been invited for two weddings this weekend (lol, I wonder how I am going to split myself and go for the two).

Aside from that, a lot of engagements are been announced on social media, like that of Nathanael Disu and Esther Odemwingie. Anyhow, one thing I am sure about is that, for the single pringles who are of marriageable age, it seems like the pressure is getting wessur😂. Everyone done dey marry or dey plan to marry. 

So as a result of these, many of you are on the search for that forever person, which means you going or planning to go on a lot of dates. Now, I’m sure one question has crossed your mind: what should I wear or not wear on my first date to make a lasting impression on my date?

Well, ask no more! You have come to the right place and person.

Today, I will be focusing on what guys should wear on their first date.

We will be delving into the outfits that you, as a guy, should not wear and what you should wear for your first date in Nigeria.

Keep reading to find out more.

What Outfits to Avoid on a First Date?

Going on a date, especially a blind date here in Nigeria, is exciting. However, it can be a nerve-wracking experience, as making a positive first impression is very important. Regardless of how nerve-wracking this situation can be, it shouldn’t be an excuse to appear sloppy. So, here are outfits you should never consider wearing on a first date as a guy, especially if you don’t want to be embarrassed.


No matter how casual the first date is, please do not wear sweatpants. A real gentleman, not a boy, knows this. It exudes a lack of intentionality and nonchalance on your part. It also shows you do not respect or care about the event. If you want to wear sweatpants, date yourself instead.

Muscle Tee

Wearing this on a first date is a sure way to give your date that you are nothing but self-absorbed. Why are you showing those muscles? Again, if you like to see your muscles so much, date yourself.

Deep V-Neck Shirt

No woman cares about your chest and the hair on it, especially on a first date, so in the name of everything nice and remotely good, leave all your deep V-neck T-shirts at home. It is not sexy. It is creepy. God abeg! Moving on…

Graphic T-Shirt

Do not wear a graphic T-shirt, especially one with supposedly ‘funny’ prints (free advice: if it is on a T-shirt, it’s most likely not funny). Most prints on T-shirts are cheesy, offensive, or downright stupid. A T-shirt with a caption paints you as a one-dimensional person which is a horrible way to come across on a first date.

Too Much Jewelry

You should avoid wearing too much jewelry. You are not a walking store, and you do not want to look like an Offset-wannabe. Wearing two chains, four bracelets, and rings on all fingers (excess jewelry in case you lost the plot) makes you look like a show-off or like an insecure person trying to make up for it. I promise you, that’s not what you want or need. Stick to a classic wristwatch and maybe one or two plain rings when accessorizing. 

Now that you know what not to wear, let’s get straight on to what you should wear that will make you irresistible to any woman (wink wink).

What Should I Wear on a First Date in Nigeria?

Here are outfits you should wear on your first date that will surely secure you that second date or at least leave a last impression of you on your date:


Rather than wearing a graphic tee, muscle tee, or a deep V-neck tee shirt, I will recommend a plain, classic Oxford T-shirt to be worn on your first date. This shirt is so versatile as it can be perfectly styled to fit both casual and formal dates.

If you two opted for a casual meet-up at a coffee shop or at a park for a picnic, you can roll up the sleeves if it is a long sleeve shirt. Show off your forearms. Some people find that attractive or leave some top buttons undone for a more relaxed look.

A short-sleeved Oxford T-shirt also gives off a casual style. You can also decide to wear a plain crew neck T-shirt first and then wear the Oxford shirt over it, totally unbuttoned.

For more formal dates, like a dinner date, you can wear this shirt fully buttoned and tucked into your pants. Style with a dark blazer for an even more polished look. 

The Oxford T-shirt is the real MVP for any type of date. Ensure that the shirt does not have any wrinkle, stain, discoloration, or any stray thread sticking out of it. You need to look neat and sharp fo the ultimate first impression.

Black or navy blue colors of this T-shirt are a good place to start. However, you can opt for other colors that fit your personal style. 


a sample of shoes and what to wear on a first date

Pair your Oxford shirt with a dark, well-fitting, long pair of crisp jeans or chinos pants (the best bet). Avoid wearing jeans with holes or tears. Jeans fit casual dates at the coffee shop, while chinos apply to formal dinner dates. They can be styled to fit whatever occasion, though.

Note that the fitting of your jeans or chinos is very important, as it portrays you as a guy who has found his style. This alone will elevate you in the eyes of any person you go on a date with. Ensure your jeans or chinos pant is not too tight or too baggy. 

Ensure you do not sag your pants when going out on a first date. That is just unsightly. I promise you, your date will embarrass you themselves. 

You can opt for a pair of chinos shorts if your date is a casual one at the beach or coffee shop and the weather is very hot. This is to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed while on the date. Not that chinos shorts are the only shorts you can wear on a first date. Do not wear cargo shorts. You are not on a hike.


a sample of what to wear on a first date

Finally, after dressing up, what you wear on your feet can make or mar your entire ensemble. It is also a very important aspect of your ensemble that determines if you are going to make a good or bad impression on your date. Studies show that 64% of women judge a man by his footwear. So you definitely need to come with your A-game in this area. 

I recommend you go for minimalist white sneakers or dress boots, more specifically, the Chelsea boots. The sneakers can be worn for casual dates, while the Chelsea boots can be worn for formal dates. 

In summary,

Causal Date: Oxford shirt + dark jeans + sneakers = perfection.

Formal Date: Oxford shirt + blazer + dark chinos + Chelsea boots = perfection.

Now, you are ready for your first date!

A little extra something…anyone?

  • Dressing to the nines is very important for making a good impression on any lady, but it’s not the only thing that is important. You also have to ensure you have and maintain good personal hygiene. What I mean by this is that you must be a neat guy. At least shower twice a day. Brush your teeth twice a day. Trim your breads and hair. Shave off your armpit hair (you are not a caveman). Use deodorant and perfume to ensure you smell nice all day and every day. Make sure your clothes are properly laundered and pressed— wearing dirty, rumpled clothes on a washed and perfumed body is a futile effort. You will still stink! Be serious about taking care of your skin by having a skincare routine (yes, men too have a skincare routine. It does not and will not cut off your penis). For skincare and grooming tips for men, check out this post.
  • Aside from being neat and well-groomed, you also need to have a wonderful character. In short, you should be well-behaved and kind when on a date with a woman. Treat her like a gentleman and not like an a**hole. 
  • Have a good sense of humor. Women sure love to have a good laugh (I am a woman and I know this for a fact😉). It will definitely help you in your quest to win her over quickly, trust me. 
  • Carry enough cash (either physically or electronically aka ATM card) in your wallet, and do not forget that wallet. I don’t get it. Why bring a woman out when you are not ready to spend? You are not ready then. So stay at home, to avoid stressing another man’s daughter. Arghh…some Nigerian men are insufferable. I just can’t deal. In short, don’t be among these men. T for tenks. 
  • Be confident, not arrogant (there is a difference, oga). Walk tall, sit upright— no slouching, especially the tall guys— smile more and talk confidently.  No woman likes a man who lacks confidence in himself (not to generalize, but he is likely to be insecure which is not good for a relationship).

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