Video streaming giant, YouTube has released its first Copyright Transparency Report, which gives an insight into the workings of its copyright enforcement. It highlights the various tools creators, artists and rightsholders use to secure their work and royalties.

According to the report “we’ve created a thriving ecosystem that balances the needs of creators, rightsholders, and viewers — and in doing so, we’ve helped unlock a new creative economy that has paid more than $30 billion to creators, artists, and media companies over the last three years, and more than $4 billion to the music industry since March 2020, over 30% of which has come from user-generated content.”

The  company highlighted the 3 copyright management tools available;

  • “The public webform tool is available to everyone on our platform and is typically accessed by rightsholders who hold limited copyrights and rarely submit takedown requests.”
  • “The Copyright Match Tool supports over two million channels who may find reposted content and need to submit frequent takedown requests.”
  • “And our award-winning Content ID system supports rightsholders in the most complicated rights management environments, like movie studios and music labels, who experience heavy reposting of copyrighted material.”

YouTube says it will continue to publish this report biannually.

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