NTFL – Wademix x Mahriisah


The Nigerian music scene gets a dose of soulful inspiration with the release of NTFL, a smooth collaboration between rising artists Wademix and Mahriisah. NTFL explores unrequited love and finding strength in moving forward.

The song tells the story of someone who has poured their heart into a one-sided relationship. The realization dawns that their love and effort haven’t been reciprocated, leading to a powerful awakening. As the chorus hits, the mood shifts to a determined and empowered one, focused on the future.

“This song is for anyone who’s ever felt used or undervalued in a relationship,” says Mahriisah.  “It’s about recognising your worth and choosing to chase your dreams, no matter how difficult it may be.
NTFL is a reminder that sometimes, the greatest love is the love you give yourself.

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