Ticket – Shakez Baba


Ticket is an upbeat, energetic hip-hop record in which Shakez Baba speaks success into existence while employing a tastefully curated blend of catchy melodies and relatable empowering lyrics over a hard-hitting Jersey club-inspired instrumental. 

According to the Nigerian rapper, “With Ticket, I wanted to paint a picture of success with the feeling of winning a lottery or cashing out from a sports bet. So when I say ‘My ticket no gree cut’, it’s my way of saying that success is certain, not in a cocky way, but just with an unapologetic conviction.” The result – Shakez Baba shining effortlessly on the track as he delivers easily relatable verses infused with Nigerian lingo in his own unique and memorable way.

Whether it ends up on your workout playlist or serves as the ultimate feel-good bop, Ticket is guaranteed to be an instant fan favourite for everyone who listens. 

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