The times are building a new breed of Lagerthas, and Rebel is leading this cause from the front with her lyrical prowess.

Rebel returns to the scene after a brief hiatus with this new single, Lagertha. off her debut LP, For Kattegat.

She paints a picture of her life after her last EP, Spines: African Cactus, and the growth she attributes greatly to her family of fans & her sheer stubbornness.

Lagertha, based on the Vikings‘ female character of the same name, is a song that talks about the ability of women to rise against odds and fight every day for what is rightfully theirs as well as what they believe in. The power of multi-tasking these women possess; warrior, lover, mother, and queen.

The song has been anticipated for well over a year. It was expected to feature another emcee, but over time, that bit was chunked and about to be released as a solo song that has birthed her debut lp, For Kattegat.

Her debut LP, For Kattegat (pre-save), is the story of battle & Glory. A project for the Kids that want to rule the world.

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