Abuja-based Hip-Hop Artist Odumodublvck Opts for Mental Health over Lagos Music Scene


Abuja-based hip-hop artist Odumodublvck has spoken out about his decision to stay in Abuja instead of relocating to Lagos, the entertainment capital of Nigeria.

Odumodublvck, who is known for his hit song Declan Rice, said that he feels safer and more recognised in the calm, laid-back atmosphere of Abuja. He also believes that he has a better chance of being successful in Abuja, where the music scene is less crowded.

“Let’s say a fish pond has 10 fishes in Lagos, and there are a hundred fishermen; in Abuja, there are 10 fishes, and there are five fishermen,” he said. “If you are a fisherman, where would you go and cast your nets?”

Odumodublvck also said that he is concerned about the impact that relocating to Lagos would have on his mental health. He said that the fast-paced and competitive environment of Lagos would be too much for him to handle.

“It’s not safe for my brand. It’s not safe for my mental space. It’s not safe for my bank accounts,” he said.

Instead, Odumodublvck prefers to stay in Abuja, where he is already well-established. He said that he is grateful for the support of the Abuja music scene and that he believes he can continue to grow and thrive in the city.

“I’m not saying that Lagos is a bad place,” he said. “But for me, Abuja is the better fit.”

Odumodublvck‘s decision to stay in Abuja is a testament to his commitment to his mental health and his artistic journey. By staying in a city where he feels safe and supported, he is setting himself up for success.

But we are curious. What do you think? Mental Health or Career?

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