Canadian digital media company and global leader in AI-Driven Technology innovation, launched a talent discovery tool, the Digital Emerging Artist Showcase (DEAS) in Africa.

Hitlab Inc. President and CEO, Michel Zgarka.
Source: IMDB.com

DEAS provides up-and-coming artistes the opportunity to be discovered in a novelle way through its groundbreaking AI technology. It makes it easier for independent artistes to be discovered and get signed by major music labels. They could also gain increased streaming and downloads by millions of fans, and receive a significant amount of airplay.

The groundbreaking technology behind DEAS is called DNA©®™ (Digital Nuance Analysis) software. The Hitlab Inc. patented software analyses uploaded songs’ musical patterns and makes reference to a historical database to identify those with the most potential to be successful with a target audience. The database is made up of millions of successful and failed songs, based on the past ten years of tracking on Billboard‘s top 100 charts in all categories.

According to Michel Zgarka, President and CEO, Hitlab Inc., “The technology uses musical pattern extraction and state-of-the-art signal processing, to isolate music attributes and common sound patterns present in successful songs across any genre”

Hitlab Inc. partnered with TRACE and Boomplay to introduce DEAS across 4 regions in Africa, with plans to roll out in new countries and regions in the coming years. TRACE entertainment platform has about 35 million fans. While Africa’s stream and download platform, Boomplay, has over 95 million unique users worldwide. These numbers will help introduce the platform to millions of participants, technophiles, and music fans at once.

To submit your song(s) for analysis and evaluation, visit https//deas.hitlab.com. The submission process is opened through September 2021.

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